Spiritual Travel for the Heart - to make your Soul Happy
with Carolina Hehenkamp

Our International Group "Peru and Bolivia 2012" and our Group "Cosmic Alignment Mexico 21.12.12"

1.Start of the Sacred Journey in Cusco / 2. Machu Picchu / 3. Dinner with the large group of 200 at Lake Titicaca / 4. On 21.12.12 5.11 am in Mayapan

Over 15 local Peruvian, Bolivian, Amazonian and Mexican spiritual Q'eros and Aymara Shamans, Elders, Ceremonial Healers, Ayuasca Masters, Archeologist and Guides were with us during this sacred journey

Ceremonies, Offerings to Pacha Mama and the Elementals and Initiations were held every day during our journey and specially on 12.12.12 and 21.12.12

On December 19 we left for Mexico / Yucatan to bring with us the awakened codings in our DNA to the sacred Temple and Pyramid of Mayapan

21.12.12 In Mayapan we felt a shift happening as the Crystal Skull approached its place in the pyramide! On my picture a "double Helix" is visable!

A New Cycle has begun on 22.12.12 - let's dream the dream of love, peace, brotherhood and abundance together!!!

Do you feel in your Heart you want to travel with us??? Please come and join us on one of our next group journeys in 2013!!

As Mother Earth is our Mother and all beings living on her are brothers and sisters!