Happiness often results from being allowed to live your own culture, speak your own language and dance your own dances!!! We all have our way of life and feel save being part of it, being part of large families, tribe or communities.

Most countries have accepted that the tribes our ethnic groups that are living in their country should be allowed to celebrate their culture, or what if left from it, to dance their dances, sing their songs and honour their ancestors. It is important we start to respect this and support them doing so.

Polynesia is celebrating every several years wonderful festivals, the population does prepare for months and all participate. One of the largest Festivals is every 4 years and always on a remote island. July 2012 will be the next one. I will be there...... do you want to come????

Viele Stämme, Klans, Voelker möchten sich öffentlich treffen und austauschen koennen, diese Männer sind aus Papua-New-Guinea and were dressed with colourful long feathers.

Festival alle 4 Jahre in der Marquesas Inseln
Viele Festival sollten moeglich sein, damit die verschiedene Gruppen ihre Kultur, Tanz, Singen, Nahrung und heilige Zeremonien miteinander teilen koennen, so wie es in Polynesien noch ueblich ist!

Pacific Festival Samoa
27 Polynesische Länder kommen zusammen um ihre Diversität und Kultur zu feiern, sie tanzen und singen 14 Tagen lang miteinander, alle 4 Jahre! Juli 2012!!!

Zeremonien finden fast jede woche statt in Moorea

2003 Zeremonien mit 200 Aeltesten in Mayapan, Mexico

When u would like to come on this wonderful journey, please send me an email to info@indigokinder.de